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DateTime Currency Importance EventActual Forecast Previous  
Aug. 1900:00 MYR Low Trade Balance   17.70B  21.90B  
 00:00 MYR Low Exports (YoY)   36.5%  38.8%  
 00:00 MYR Low Imports (YoY)   40.4%  49.3%  
 02:00 EUR Medium German PPI (MoM)   0.6%  0.6%  
 02:00 GBP Low Public Sector Net Borrowing     22.11B  
 02:00 GBP High Retail Sales (MoM)   -0.2%  -0.1%  
 02:00 GBP Medium Retail Sales (YoY)   -3.3%  -5.8%  
 02:00 EUR Low German PPI (YoY)   32.0%  32.7%  
 02:00 GBP Medium Core Retail Sales (MoM)   -0.2%  0.4%  
 02:00 GBP Medium Core Retail Sales (YoY)   -3.1%  -5.9%  
 02:00 GBP Low Public Sector Net Cash Requirement     12.610B  
 03:20 IDR Low Loans (YoY)     10.66%  
 03:30 THB Low Foreign Reserves (USD)     219.9B  
 03:30 THB Low Currency Swaps (USD)     27.5B  
 04:00 PLN Low Industrial Output (YoY)   7.4%  10.4%  
 04:00 PLN Low PPI (YoY)   25.3%  25.6%  
 04:00 PLN Low Corp. Sector Wages (YoY)   13.1%  13.0%  
 04:00 PLN Low Employment Growth (YoY)   2.1%  2.2%  
 04:20 TWD Low Current Account USD     30.68B  
 04:20 TWD Low Balance of Payments (USD)     0.260B  
 05:00 EUR Low Current Account     -4.5B  
 05:00 EUR Low Current Account n.s.a.     -15.4B  
 05:00 EUR Low Greek Current Account (YoY)     -2.004B  
 06:00 EUR Low Latvian PPI (MoM)     2.0%  
 06:00 EUR Low Latvian PPI (YoY)     30.1%  
 07:00 MXN Low Retail Sales (YoY)   5.0%  5.2%  
 07:00 MXN Medium Retail Sales (MoM)     0.5%  
 07:30 INR Low FX Reserves, USD     572.98B  
 Tentative IDR Low Motorbike Sales (YoY)     -13.30%  
 Tentative OMR Low M2 Money Supply (YoY)     0.5%  
 Tentative OMR Low Total Credit (YoY)     3.3%  
 08:30 CAD High Core Retail Sales (MoM)   0.9%  1.9%  
 08:30 CAD Medium Retail Sales (MoM)   0.3%  2.2%  
 09:00 USD Low FOMC Member Barkin Speaks       
 13:00 USD Medium U.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count     601  
 13:00 USD Medium U.S. Baker Hughes Total Rig Count     763  
 13:54 EUR Low Portuguese Current Account     -3.996B  
 15:30 EUR Medium CFTC EUR speculative net positions     -34.5K  
 15:30 GBP Medium CFTC GBP speculative net positions     -34.5K  
 15:30 CAD Low CFTC CAD speculative net positions     21.2K  
 15:30 JPY Medium CFTC JPY speculative net positions     -25.0K  
 15:30 AUD Medium CFTC AUD speculative net positions     -57.6K  
 15:30 NZD Low CFTC NZD speculative net positions     -0.3K  
 15:30 CHF Low CFTC CHF speculative net positions     -9.8K  
 15:30 USD Medium CFTC Gold speculative net positions     142.9K  
 15:30 USD Medium CFTC S&P 500 speculative net positions     -244.3K  
 15:30 USD Low CFTC Copper speculative net positions     -28.5K  
 15:30 USD Low CFTC Silver speculative net positions     2.9K  
 15:30 MXN Low CFTC MXN speculative net positions     -27.6K  
 15:30 RUB Medium CFTC RUB speculative positions     -9.8K  
 15:30 USD Medium CFTC Crude Oil speculative net positions     210.7K  
 15:30 USD Low CFTC Soybeans speculative net positions     88.9K  
 15:30 USD Low CFTC Wheat speculative net positions     -3.4K  
 15:30 USD Low CFTC Corn speculative net positions     210.8K  
 15:30 BRL Medium CFTC BRL speculative net positions     1.7K  
 15:30 USD Low CFTC Natural Gas speculative net positions     -125.4K  
 15:30 USD Low CFTC Aluminium speculative net positions     4.2K  
 15:30 USD Medium CFTC Nasdaq 100 speculative net positions     21.1K